Saturday, September 10, 2005

KJHK Lore - The Jason Ringenberg ID

Here's another KJHK ID from a cassette tape I found in my basement. Enjoy this heartfelt sentiment voiced by Jason on one of his many visits to Lawrence, Kansas in the '80s. I suspect it was recorded in 1985 by Jeff Hekmati when the boys came back to Lawrence for a well-received appearance on campus. And while we're dank with nostalgia, recall this sweet week from April of that year when the concert calendar was ripe with roots rock opportunity.

The Blasters (4/22/85 at Parody Hall, K.C. MO)
The Beat Farmers (4/23 at Parody Hall)
Jason and the Nashville Scorchers (4/26 at the Uptown Theatre, K.C. MO)
Jason and the Nashville Scorchers (4/28 at Hoch Auditorium, Lawrence, KS)

I was only 20 and the first three shows were at 21 and over venues, although it's possible they let the kids in the balcony at the Uptown show. I worked the Hoch show for SUA and it was fun; a good way to end the year. My memories aren't as vivid for that show as for the R.E.M. concert or the Reggae Sun-splash from that time. The Jason show went without a mishap. I remember Jason's leopard-skin jacket and Perry Baggs being kinda kooky. It was great.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Return to the St. Louis Arch

I took the family to St. Louis last weekend and we did the Arch. I snapped this picture as we approached from the north. We rode the rail over from Union Station. It was my first trip inside the Arch since January 1985 and third visit overall.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Right on Remedy Records

Shawnee Mission North grad Jerry Johnson ('83) is helping Lawrence bands get recorded. Read Richard Gintowt's story at