Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Best Billy Ray Cyrus Movie Ever

David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. Look for him as Gene the pool guy. Although the best cameo appearance of an actor in a pool guy roll (in a non-porno film) has to go to K.U. alumnus Mandy Patinkin in The Big Fix.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Rondo, the Thirst Crusher

When's the last time you worked up a Rondo thirst?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Paul Gleason, R.I.P.

Actor Paul Gleason died May 27th of asbestos-related lung cancer. You may remember Gleason as Principal Richard Vernon in The Breakfast Club. He played a tough guy in Trading Places, and had a prominent role in Die Hard. I read a number of obits over the last couple of weeks and none mentioned perhaps the most important moment of his life. Author Bob Kealing knew Paul Gleason and recalled that moment:

I just saw Paul two months ago and he didn't say a word about the Cancer. I had the fortunate chance to get to know him and write about him through his association and friendship with Jack Kerouac...Paul sent me a copy of his book he released in the 70s called Uleta Blues and Haikus. Far from his persona of playing the heavy in movies, Paul was a most humble, artistic and unassuming man the times I spoke with him. He was just in Orlando visiting the home where Kerouac lived, and remeniscing about hanging out with the great Beat writer while Paul was still playing minor league baseball. Gleason claimed that it was while seeing Splendor in the Grass with Kerouac at an Orlando movie house, that he was inspired to make acting his next career. What a great move it was. I'll miss Paul and feel glad I got to know him the last few years of his life. (Comments originally posted at, reprinted with permission of the author.)

Kealing is a K.U. graduate and author of Kerouac in Florida, Where the Road Ends.