Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Chevrolet Sings

Driving a car can be an exciting thing, just ask the folks at Chevrolet circa the early 60s. They issued a driving hygiene record, "Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You" for prospective drivers. A college roommate and KJHK compadre named Michael Bassin turned me on to the cool folk stylings of "(driving a car can be) An Exciting Thing", as well as other cuts, back in the mid 80s. Michael donated the album to the radio station in 1986 and for all I know it's still there. I was surprised today when I googled the term and found this picture and several website mentions. It popped up more than once on the play lists of eclectic radio shows. A copy of the vinyl album went for over 50 dollars recently online and I also stumbled across a blurb about a performer in Colorado who covered the album from start to finish as a performance. The lyrics and spoken word interludes are hilarious and very corny but I can't get some of the acoustic melodies (and earnest harmonica work) out of my head.

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