Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Keep the Dead Air Coming

I had the dead air dream again...

I was back at the radio station. This time the country format included Van Halen records and nobody thought it was strange. I took the controls in the air studio and settled in for my air shift. The song ended before I cued up the next one on the playlist. It was on reel-to-reel tape of all things and I had no time to find the correct cut. I hit play and fired up the first number. I was cueing up the next song (also on reel-to-reel) when I noticed the first tape ran out. I scrambled to keep the silence to a minimum but lost the battle.

I've been out of radio for almost ten years, but my sub-conscious maintains that dead air is my worst nightmare. That dream re-occurs a couple times a year. I'd much rather dream about silence on the air waves than something really bad, like losing a loved one. So word to my brain, keep the dead air coming.

Here's a practical joke you radio people can play on a co-worker. Brad Olson pulled it on me back at KKCJ in 1994 and I have to admit it was a good one. Wait until the jock on duty leaves the air studio to go to the bathroom or have a smoke. Go in and turn the studio monitor all the way down. Panic and hilarity ensues when the jock returns to total silence in the control room. Hardy-har!

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