Monday, October 10, 2005

Thirlwell at Carnegie Hall

I stumbled on a Carnegie Hall listing that included a performance series listing for the Kronos Quartet. I wasn't surprised that the Kronos foursome was getting some Carnegie time. Afterall, they've pushed the boundaries of the classical genre for over 25 years. What really surprised me was the inclusion of the world premiere performance (on April 7, 2006) of Mr. J. G. Thirlwell, AKA Jim Foetus, at Carnegie Hall.

Here's what Ira Robbins said about Thirlwell:

Thanks to modern technology, any chump with a studio can now open up the bomb bays and drop sonic megatonnage. That's the easy part. Nailing targets and causing serious devastation, however, is a job for professionals, and no one in modern rock wrecks shit with a sharper balance of artistic control and unmitigated power than J. G. (Jim) Thirlwell, whose unmatched skill in sculpting audio thunder into theatrical monuments of bludgeoning agility is positively Zeus-like. (Thanks Trouser Press)

Get down with Jim (as Clint Ruin) on this KJHK ID (circa 1985).

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