Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hungry in San Diego

I went to San Diego for a weekend last month and didn't do a lot of cooking. In fact, I ate out for every meal. Here's a list of the restaurants where I ate, in order:

I got off the plane and went straight to this place for lunch. It was excellent and I also liked the view of the bay or harbor or whatever they call it there.

My high school chum Patrick and I scheduled a big night for Saturday, so we did a low-key excursion to a Thai restaurant on Friday night. It was good. The place looked like it used to be a Sizzler many years ago. This restaurant is in a neighborhood north of downtown where Asian establishments line the streets for blocks.

I grabbed a bagel and coffee to go on Saturday morning, so I'm not going to try to find the California Bagel place where we went.

No complaints about this place either. Big portions, the retro-deli atmosphere, and a hip clientele.

Down to Pacific Beach where we squeezed in at the bar in an otherwise packed restaurant on the sea. I had the fish tacos. Wonderful.

It was father's day on that Sunday, so I didn't see the regular menu, but this place was fun. Upscale breakfast with mondo portions.

I only scratched the surface here. San Diego has no shortage of good restaurants. In case you wondered if all I did was eat, I did not. I also went here, here, and here, and I stayed in the shadow of this place.

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Jill said...

We just got back from San Diego and sampled a lot of different restaurants, too.

We had some decent BBQ ribs and apple fries here.

We also took in the surf and fish tacos here.
If I didn't have to live in Las Vegas, I'd like to be living here.