Monday, September 25, 2006

It Stinks

We had an underwhelming experience yesterday at the Louisburg (KS) Cider Mill where their annual ciderfest was underway.

A terrible stench hit the Jones family the moment we emerged from our car in the parking lot. A fellow apple lover guessed it was a cider sewage pond, bobbing and bubbling somewhere near the parking lot. How bad was the stink? It smelled like Bigfoot took a dump, fell over dead in mid road-apple and nobody buried him.

There were other minor annoyances like pricey rides and activities (10 dollars for face painting), and no hand gel in the porta-johns, but the big stink, that was too much. I actually hung out in the potpourri booth on country craft row to catch my breath.

Don't go to the Louisburg Cider Mill Ciderfest. It stinks.

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