Friday, September 05, 2008

Elementary School Teachers

Brian McClendon, a 1982 Lawrence High School graduate, and the man behind Google Earth and Google Street View, emphasized the importance of computers in learning and giving youngsters access to computers at a young age in an article in today's Lawrence Journal World (by Alexander Parker). The story featured a quote from someone who said they were amazed that Brian, a very successful man, remembered the names of his fourth grade teachers. It went on to say that he remembered to give them credit for his success. The latter part was probably the true intent of the statement, the amazing part. Can't most people remember their elementary school teachers' names? Challenge yourself (without consulting yearbooks). Spelling doesn't count and you don't have to include first names. Here's my list.

Roeland Park Elementary 1970 - 1974
K - Mrs. Bates
1 - Mrs. Sue Stewart (maternity leave) / Mrs. Kathy Gintzel
2 & 3 - Mrs. Mabel Williams

Roesland 1974-1977
4 - Mrs. Barbara McAllister
5 - Mrs. Ewing
6 - Mrs. Gretchen Lohnes

Do you care: Mrs. Gintzel and Mrs. Williams both lived on my street (Rosewood) at the same time I did, although they had husbands and separate addresses. Tomorrow: Junior High

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