Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Remembering the River City Reunion

William Burroughs' legacy lives on in many ways, perhaps least of all with the new "Burroughs Creek". The 17th anniversary of the great River City Reunion is this September. Back in 1987, it was a week-long celebration of beat artists with performances by Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, and John Giorno. Marianne Faithful, Jim Carroll, Timothy Leary, and Husker Du also appeared. This drawing was penned by underground comic artist S. Clay Wilson. I've still got my program from the event and I'll be posting lineups and schedules as we draw closer to the actual anniversary. What do you remember about the River City Reunion?

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Mingle/Gonzo® said...

Hey Folwer- I have images of Leary- Husker-Du-Jello Biafra- Perhaps more