Monday, May 24, 2004

Witness To The Pink Dots

Kansas City animator Jed Carter saw the Legendary Pink Dots last week at the Hurricane and said this:

The Pink Dots showed up with enough merchandise to cover the entire stage bar at the Hurricane, as usual. And as usual there were about adozen releases that I'd neither seen nor heard of before - bunches of Pink Dots stuff, Tear Garden live albums & vinyl, and solo recordings from each of the band members. The guitarist (Eric?) hadn't yet toured the US with the band, but did really well. Although Edward mentioned jetlag two or three times during the performance (this was the first show on the American tour), they played a fairly long set and came out for an encore. Hoornblower wore a slim-fitting spray painted (or sponge painted?) silver suit. For the encore, he broke out the weird midi/synth horn thing he uses - it sounds like a sax being played through a pitch shifter set to -3 octaves. He also roamed around the bar with a wireless sax for one song. Honestly, I think he did manage to freak a few people out with that. Not many people realize how much fun it could be to sneak up behind someone with an internally-lit saxophone & blast a high note at them. I love seeing these guys. There's really never been anyone else like them, nor will there be. It was a really solid show for the Dots & a nice break from being stuck working in studio all night.

Jed works at MK12, home of 4D softcore sweater porn and ultra love ninja.

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