Monday, October 30, 2006

Beaux Arts Coffee House, Pinellas Park, FL

This is 7711 60th street North, former site of the Beaux Arts coffee house in Pinellas Park, Florida. I took this picture a couple days ago during my annual visit to the in-laws' house. I didn't know it until recently, but they live close by, a couple of miles northeast of this location. It sits near ball fields and railroad tracks, half a block north of Park Blvd, the main east-west drag through Pinellas Park. It's a shame they couldn't preserve the spot where Jim Morrison read poetry and Jack Kerouac hung out during his days in the St. Petersburg area. Thanks to Mari Eliza for providing the exact address. Much to my surprise, my father in-law, Tom Wise, remembered the three story wood frame house and guided me here. He moved to the area in the early 90s, a few years before the city condemned the property. He said it was in pretty bad shape near the end (it was gutted by fire some years before), which may explain why local politicos didn't save it.

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DeViantDreamer said...

The St.Petersburg Times reported that the city "hoped" to build a park on the property, but that has been nixed in favor of senior housing. The Times reported that the city "promised" a plaque in honor of Tom Reese's families contributions to the arts and the entire city, but I don't see one!! I'm just now getting back into this project, but we're not licked yet!!