Friday, October 13, 2006

The Price is Right Theme Music

I love the price is right theme song. It captures an aspect of the seventies that I like. When I hear it, I see a Wonder bread wrapper landscape of colorful circles, beautiful ladies, and merchandise.

Screw Watergate, I won a brand new Vega.

Check out the extended version here (mp3) and you'll want to "come on down" to the showcase row with your breasts falling out of your tube top, which is sad if you're like me, because I'm a dude.

Here's a poem I wrote about the Price is Right. It was for a radio bit we did about game show poetry on KFKF in 1996.

That Bob Barker's got it made
on TV's Price is Right.
Showcase models everyday
and cocktails every night.

Janice, Holly, and babes galore.
You won a brand new car!
I have my plane fare nearly saved
in a Hellman's mayonnaise jar.

But I wish they'd take it on the road
and come to my home town.
So I could hear Johnny Olson say-
Fowler, come on down!

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