Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Remembering Christmas 1970

I found the Superbowl IV version of the Tudor electric vibrating football game under the tree in our Roeland Park home that year. It featured scale model footballers, each a bit smaller than a 25 cent piece, mounted individually on green plastic bases. The bottom of each base had small teeth that made the players move and groove without falling over when the metal field vibrated. Vibration was supplied by a small motor and controlled by the players with an on off switch. I couldn't wait to try it.

The mechanics of the game were somewhat ridiculous, because it was impossible to create and sustain a lasting simulation. I lined up the opposing teams and turned on the motor. They crashed into each other and occasionally a player vibrated in a straight line somewhere. I repeated until boredom set in. The game contained a felt football and a working kicker to attempt field goals and extra points. Note: The felt football did not travel far, even in ideal wind conditions. Despite these shortcomings it was a cool gift and I don't remember any thing else I received that year.

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Anne B said...

My brother had one of those football games. We had a lot of fun putting various objects on the playing field and seeing how far they would travel. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!