Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tonight at Mission Bowl - A fashion show

Tonight we bowled after a three week layoff. and split, no pun intended, our match with a team where a few of the bowlers wear loose-fitting pants. Sometimes these garments are akin to sweat pants, other nights they resemble pajama pants. It's not what I'd pick to roll the urethane rock. I am forced to wear my work slacks since I drive to the lanes directly from the office. These drawers are also not what I'd pick given a choice. I think Levis are good. Some guys like to wear shorts, even during the winter months. Most choices are driven by a desire for a free range of motion, but I believe the jammie pants are too relaxed for public interaction. I think I was influenced by the Seinfeld episode where Jerry chides George for wearing sweats in public, like he gave up on life.
The truth is that the bowling alley is no place for style. Wear whatever floats your bowling bag. My guidelines: cover all bellies and butt cracks. Anything else is lagniappe. This also applies to all waitresses at Applebees, Red Lobster, and/or the Outback Steakhouse. If God shaped you like the Michelin Man, low-rise jeans and bare midriff tops will not help increase tips. The exception is the Olive Garden. Let it all hang out and keep the bread sticks comin' baby! I'm the guy in the corner booth sporting cotton pajama pants and bowling shoes. Bon appetit and good scoring.

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