Monday, October 08, 2007

Get Smart! Again

Much has been written and said about Lawrence's two kingpin alternative bands of the 1980s, (Mortal) Micronotz and Pedaljets. That's not to say that there weren't other bands - like Get Smart!. The post-punk trio developed a Kansas following in the early eighties and departed for Chicago before I arrived in Lawrence in the fall of 1983. We knew they aspired to bigger things and it was not a surprise when they landed a record deal and releashed an album (Action Reaction) in 1984. Get Smart! toured that year and appeared in Lawrence no less than twice. They headlined the 1984 version of Day on the Green Hill, an outdoor show that also featured Rick Frydman, Todd Newman, and the Pedaljets. Lisa, Frank, and Mark returned to Lawrence that fall for a SUA-sponsored free concert, so there were no "big time" hard feelings among the local scenesters that I was aware of. If anything, Get Smart's Lawrence fan base outside of the KJHK staff dwindled due to natural college-related attrition. Still, they released another album in 1986, Swimming With Sharks.

Love the Internets: Their catalog is available in portable mp3 format here. Try They Walk In Pairs or Berlin On The Plains.

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Fowler Jones said...

Well, I checked again today and it seems they've taken down the free mp3 section. Hope you were able to visit before they changed their mind on it.