Sunday, October 21, 2007

Long Live the Unicorn

I don't consider purchasing many movies on DVD, but I might consider this one.

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Steven said...

I love that movie. I didn't take the origami animal as a sign that Harrison Ford was a replicant, but that Edward James Olmos had been there and knew that Sean Young was a Replicant and with him.

Shows how much I know.

I think Ridley Scott says a few odd things in that interview, setting up why he has a more negative take on the film now in it's second Director's Cut.

First he says something about the fact that we're seriously discussing the end of this world by the end of the century. Any one have any idea what he's talking about? And what's all this about, "How many decent human beings do you meet these days?"

Sounds like someone's been in L.A. too long.