Saturday, May 24, 2008

Missouri Death Certificates, 1910 – 1957

I like to search for ancestors in my family tree. I've done research for the past 15 years. An excellent new resource is online for people like me who have Missouri ancestors. I think Missouri might be the first state to digitize old death certificates. Most states offer a text index online. You send a letter and a processing fee to the appropriate office to receive a photocopy of a death certificate. It's a lengthy process that takes six weeks to six months and sometimes you don't get results. The beauty of the new Missouri system is the PDF files are available for free and you can do searches for direct ancestors and cursory searches for cousins and distant kin. The years 1910-1957 are available for public view and the search engine allows results to be filtered by year, last name, or county. I think its great.

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