Friday, May 02, 2008

Weather means more trash

We experienced severe weather here last night. The sirens sounded and Mrs. Jones and I took the kids to the basement to watch the storm coverage. We escaped the damage that littered the metro area this morning. Speaking of litter, a storm surge at the creek brought new litter to the creekside park and I went down there tonight with my pick-up stick, a pair of tongs on a pole. I struck gold immediately when I found a big plastic bucket lodged under a concrete brigde. This made trash collection more efficient. Styrofoam was everywhere tonight and I gathered it up as fast as I could. The parks department stations trash cans at intervals throughout the park and I filled two of them near capacity with my efforts, and yet there was so much I could not reach. My goal is to eradicate the park of trash by the end of the summer.

Every time I search for trash in the park I always find a ball. Sometimes I find a tennis ball. I found a baseball once, and a basketball. I found a softball too, painted neon yellow. I always find a ball.

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