Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Was I Doing?

10 Years Ago - June 1998
I started my second month building web sites for a local engineering firm (Note: Still there!). I worked on my second bachelor's degree (this one in Computer Info Systems) at DeVry (Note: Finished up by 2001). My wife and I discussed starting a family. She did not want to be in her last trimester over a hot Kansas summer. Our three month window was projected to start in July if we wanted a spring delivery. Note: We got it - April '99.

20 Years Ago - June 1988
I completed my first bachelor's degree (this one in Journalism, video production) by taking my last class at KU. My summer camp flame from the 70s, Mary, visited on her way to Boulder, Colorado and I took her to all the Lawrence hot spots like The Jazzhaus and The Paradise Cafe. Later that month, I drove to Tulsa to visit another friend and the night I got back into town, my future roommates (Greg and Chuck) and I saw "Bull Durham" at the Hillcrest theaters at 9th and Iowa.

30 Years Ago - June 1978
My dad drove me and my footlocker to Camp Zoe in the Ozark Mountains for my fourth tour of duty as a sleep-away camper. This was my first summer in "Tent Cabin", for the older boys, 13 and up. We chased girls, it was a co-ed camp, paddled canoes, and rode horses. 1978 was the pinnacle of my summer camp experience. More life-long friendships were forged that summer than in any other month in my entire life. Note: I'm taking my son down there this weekend. The camp went out of business in 1986, but we're camping on the gravel bar next to camp. The new owners, The Tebeaus, run a outdoor music festival campground there and its an off weekend.

40 Years Ago - June 1968
This is a tough one since I was three years old. We lived in Columbia, Missouri. The only memory I can peg for certain in that month was a conversation about Bobby Kennedy. Mom and Dad talked about the assassination, and I asked questions about who he was and why it was sad and what assassination meant.

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