Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"No Nap" Kesler Strikes Again

Photo by Matt KeslerThree years ago I booked Matt Kesler's kiddie rock band The Doo-Dads to play our afternoon home association annual block party. Matt confided to me that he was a bit thick from a late one the night before. He'd stayed up jamming with Alejandro Escovedo and Ernie Locke down at Davey's after Alejandro's show there. I was jealous. He finished setting up the bubble machine and introduced their new keyboard player, Ken Lovern. He was new at the time anyway, and they ran through a spirited set along with Joe Gose and Mike Niewald. Real pros, and the bass player's lack of sleep was not apparent.

Matt pays the bills as the owner slash proprietor of the Midwestern Musical Company, located at 1830 Locust in downtown Kansas City, and earlier this week Ween performed at the Crossroads next door. I didn't know about it until yesterday, but Matt talked Ween into jamming late night for a few lucky folks in the back of his music store. Apparently Matt Kesler trades sleep for rock and roll. This will not surprise you if you know Matt. I wish I had been there.

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