Friday, July 18, 2008

KJHK Lore - The Nutshell Magazine Profile

John Cheney sent me a copy of this Nutshell Magazine article that provided an excellent snapshot of KJHK at the end of the Dale Gadd era. It was written by Tim Smight in the spring or summer of 1983. Here's part one, part two, and part three, (PDF). Go read them and then come back and let's discuss.

And we're back. The nugget in the article that struck me the most was the conscious effort to move programming away from the block format back in late 1979. There's too much block programming on KJHK now and not enough "Rotation" or non-specialty music. On the other hand, alternative music is more fragmented than ever, and there isn't the same sense of urgency to convince people that an alternative format is legitimate. The battle is not to get people to listen to alternative music for the format's sake. The battle is to get people to listen instead of play X-Box or listen to their IPod. I don't know whether the current level of block programming helps or hurts accomplish that goal. What do YOU think?

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