Friday, October 03, 2008

Purcell Rockwell Diary

My great-aunt Mae Youker Rockwell, wife of Purcell Melville Rockwell, kept a diary each year circa 1914-1919. I published a handful of 1914 entries on this webpage. This past week, while sorting through my late Grandmother's personal belongings, I found a 1910 diary from Aunt Mae's future husband, a collection of notes authored by 18 year-old Purcell. The diary ran out of steam by the end of January 1910, but he kept the journal throughout his life and recorded small bits of data in it up until the early 1960s. Here is Uncle Clint J. Perkin's recipe for cough syrup:
1/2 pt. Cod Liver Oil
1/2 pt. Rock Candy
1/2 pt. Brandy
10 cents worth of glycerine
Mix together. Shake well before using.

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