Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Impossible Post Before Breakfast

I mentioned The Higgins Boys and Gruber (THBAG) in a previous post and to show you how obscure they remain; there are no video clips featuring them available on YouTube (yet).

Rich Hall was the early marquee name in the Comedy Channel lineup that featured THBAG, Rachel Sweet, Allan Havey, and Tommy Sledge, (the stand-up detective). Hall hosted Onion World, a weekly omnibus of various comedic elements and occasionally, live music. It wasn't a terrific series by any stretch. Hall wasn't very funny. I remember he took the show to Ireland for some segments. Why must one go to Ireland to find the funny? Seemed like he was milking his budget for a free trip. The program lasted a season or two and was unremarkable except for the appearance of one of my favorite bands.

Here's Big Dipper doing Impossible Thingson Onion World, from 1990.

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