Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Report from Sunday

25 people attended the reading last Sunday at the Kansas City Writer's Place. My palms were clammy but I managed to get through my story without too much trouble. Nobody fell asleep and they applauded when I finished. I think that meant they liked it (or maybe they were glad I was done). I read prose. The other six readers were poets. I enjoyed meeting Amy Fleury, Brian Daldorph, and Will Leathem. It was great to have my wife, parents, and grandma there too. There's another reading with a slightly different roster of contributors on Saturday, December 2nd, at Amy's Coffee House in Lawrence. My mom keeps calling it a coffee shop. Maybe Flo and Alice will be there to make tuna fish sandwiches. I'll be there, not reading, just listening. I like Lawrence, coffee, and the Kansas City Voices Magazine, now on sale at local K.C. booksellers.

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