Friday, November 03, 2006

The Love Song of J. Frederick Flintstone

The Higgins Boys and Gruber performed this Eliot parody on their HBO comedy special circa 1991. The setup involved a beatnik poetry happening and Steve Higgins' reptilian cool interpretation was punctuated by bongo riffs. This transcript (from the font of unofficial knowledge, the Internet) may not be verbatim, but there's precious little information about THBAG so I'm running with it.

The Love Song of J. Frederick Flintstone
Let us go then, Barney and I
As the Bedrock sun is spread out against the sky
Like a Brontoburger laid out upon a table
And in the cave the women come on through
Speaking of the Great Gazoo
I am not Joe Rockhead nor was I meant to be
A stone quarry worker willing to bowl a frame or two
I grow old, I grow old
Shall I wear my saber-toothed tiger suit rolled?
Shall I prepare bronto ribs to eat? Power a car with my feet?
I hear Pebbles and Bam-Bam singing each to each
And in the cave the women came on through saying


Fowler Jones said...

That same program featured the Cross Country Trucker song.

sulldoggy said...

And the "auto erotic" skit..