Saturday, December 24, 2005

Remembering Christmas 1971

It was Christmas 1971 and anticipation was at an all time high for me personally as Christmas Eve ended. I was six and the youngest boy in the house at the time. I knew the rules about being asleep before Santa came and I was eager to oblige.

I awoke later and got out of bed, opened the bedroom door and walked down the hall toward the front room. The hall light was on and I saw two new fisher price toys under the tree: the parking garage and the airport. Santa had come to Roeland Park. Our dog Watson didn't even bark.

I went to my parents room, tugged on my father's pajamas, and relayed the big news. He did not share my enthusiasm. It was only 3am and he was content to wait until morning and reminded me that I needed to do the same despite my discovery.

I returned to my room and got back into bed. It was the best, most satisfying feeling knowing that I had it all, my parents, my home, and new toys from Santa. Merry Christmas.

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