Saturday, December 31, 2005

Remembering New Year's Eve 1980

Mike, Randy and I went out looking for fun. Mike was the only one of us who had a driver's license. We were riding in his mom's Plymouth Horizon and I thought he was driving too fast through the hilly residential streets near Shawnee Mission North High School. At one point I was so unnerved that I demanded to be let out. I didn't have to walk far before Mike came back and promised to slow down. I'm glad he came back. That would have been a long walk home. We went to a party at Chris Rogers' house. A couple of our good buddies, Greg and Kurt, had dates. I was ticked that they blew us off for a couple of skirts, but our aim this year hadn't changed much (see 1979) so I really couldn't blame them. KY-102 played the album of the year on the radio at midnight. It was Back in Black by AC/DC.

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