Saturday, December 31, 2005

Remembering New Year's Eve 1986

I stayed in Lawrence for the big Embarrassment reunion concert at Cogburn's (AKA The Bottleneck). The Micronotz opened and Dean Lubensky came back for the occasion. The bands did an all-ages show late in the afternoon and then a 21 and over show in the evening. Blake Norris and I (of KJHK radio) got permission to record the concert. I had big ideas about dubbing copies for other college radio stations. That didn't pan out but the shows were tremendous. I also got to meet the guys in the band and Ron Klaus and Bill Goffrier were really cool. They even let a local guy, Dayton Simmons, play saxophone on one song. You can hear them call Dayton "the 5th Embo" on the tape from the show. I went to Blake's apartment in the Oread after the show and we agreed it was one of those musical experiences we'd always remember.

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