Saturday, December 31, 2005

Remembering New Year's Eve 1978

My father wanted a Toyota Land Cruiser jeep and he couldn't bring himself to purchase one straight-away. He rationalized the decision by devising a cottage business plan. I was his partner. He saw guys with snow blades plow parking lots in the winter and figured to make a few bucks. I kicked in about four grand in savings from my grandfather Jones fund. We shook on the deal and agreed that I got the Land Cruiser when I turned 16. We purchased it but we never got the blade. You need a pickup truck with some ballast to balance the extra front-end weight. We switched to residential snow removal and bought a portable snow blower instead. It snowed like a bastard on New Year's Eve and Dad and I agreed to work the next morning. I stayed home. We got about six inches of snow and went looking for business at eight dollars a driveway. It was not a very festive holiday. Three years later when I got my driver's license, Dad reneged on the pledge to hand-over the Land Cruiser due to safety concerns. He made up for it by purchasing a different vehicle for me (Datsun pickup), and I drove the Land Cruiser on occasion, but it was a sore spot between us for a time.

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