Wednesday, August 30, 2006

KJHK - a photoset on Flickr

I stopped by KJHK when I was in Lawrence for the Embarrassment show and took some pictures. The vinyl collection is slowly fading into history and not only are the albums showing their age, but so are some of the unique bits of musical commentary; AKA the liner notes or album review. The notes from KJHK music staffers guided disc jockeys who didn't have the luxury of previewing the whole record before they took to the airwaves and were often written in long hand and taped on the cover. See KJHK - a photoset on Flickr for some of my random cover shots. You may have to enlarge the image to read the review.


ottomark said...

Great to see these photos of KJHK. I can't believe how little has changed from 88. I can remember reading those notes from others to find new music for myself as well as our audience. Do they still do that on CD's? Remember the Replacements and Husker Du shows at the Union -- getting baked with Grant Hart in the union and getting spit on by Bob Mould while acting as bouncer in the front of the stage were highlights of my life. Is that a good thing?

Fowler Jones said...

ottomark, there is so little real estate on the CD jewel box that the album review as we knew it has become extinct. If anything, a few comments and perhaps a star rating for the tracks. Certain albums may be reviewed at length for the web site, but as you know, our music staff provided detailed info on every album we added to the stacks. There are still reviews intact from KJHK giants like Steve Greenwood, Blake Gumprecht, Todd Newman, and Kim Buie. I hope we can document some of these examples if they're not going to be preserved.

ottomark said...

Thanks Fowler. That's sort of what I imagined. A shame. I never would have played Green On Red, Dead Milkmen, or a thousand other bands I played from 85-88 without great reviews, a few of which I contributed. I wonder if they'll eventually get rid of the LPs in the KJHK collection . . . They must have already gotten rid of some.