Monday, August 21, 2006

Surprise: Micronotz in Lawrence

My digital camera didn't work fast enough to capture the Micronotz as they wailed through three songs in a surprise addition to the Embarrassment reunion show last night in Lawrence. From Left: Jay Hauptli, guest bassist Matt Kesler, Dean Lubensky, and Steve Eddy. Not Pictured: John Harper.

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Sunshine said...

In 1999 I called all the old Micro's and they weren't into playing and Embos were not either. I wish someone would have clued me in that the Micros were playing too, cuz I might have made the added effort to make the trip to see everyone. And in 99 everyone was willing to give up their Lawerence Hipster whereabouts or emails for a huge reunion, I tried to get people to do the same for this one and was met with a luke warm receptance, so I hope those that went had extra fun for me too!!!! But soon I am moving back to town anyways so you better look me up if you guys ever are around again!!!! Bummed, but with Love to all the old scenesters- SUNSHINE