Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hippy Club Montage 1986

Let's go back to 1986 for two minutes of household montage at The Hippy Club. Those guys had a lot of albums and this pad was cozy. I felt comfortable surrounded by music, posters, photos, and kitsch. I wish I lived there longer than eight weeks. At least I got to visit that summer.

I was on the cusp of a chapter change in my life. My longtime college girlfriend and I broke-up for good. I worked my first paying radio job on the weekends at KHUM in Ottawa, KS. I attended summer school and made an acquaintance in class (Roger Keys) who had a major impact on my life later in a way he (or I) didn't fathom at the time. But all that was days or even a couple weeks away.

This moment, captured on Memorial Day, 1986, was done with in-camera editing for the most part. I added a couple of dissolve transitions and removed a few shots where I lost control track. Note to video tape archivers, my tape is 22 years old and some of the edits made by the camcorder have eroded, and I'm not talking about those that happened when I powered down the rig. A few edits done in-camera failed after this time. I should have laid down a control track before I filmed. At least the sucker had auto white balance.

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