Monday, March 31, 2008

Unicorns, Chocolate Long Johns, and the Bowling Report for March 31st.

We finished the 2007-08 bowling campaign in last place tonight at Mission Bowl. Its official. The other guys showed too much including substitute bowler Paul who pasted us with a 613 series. But nothing can ruin a great sports day here in Kansas City. The Royals won in extra innings (they're undefeated, Jackie) and the Jayhawks are in the Final Four. Next week we bowl again for fun. The standings are finished. The league has a meeting after the matches and prizes are awarded and last season's first place team buys donuts. We'll meet before we bowl if KU is in the finals. No sense missing the action for a couple of chocolate long johns and a five-way split of 50 dollars. I don't bowl for the money, or the donuts, in case you wondered.

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