Saturday, March 08, 2008

1986 Demolition Derby Trailer

KJHK entered a car in the 1986 Douglas County Demolition Derby, an annual event at the county fair. Darius Riley of the station drove the vehicle and I was there with my camcorder capturing the event. The raw footage became my first ad hoc video production effort, assembled at Jolliffe hall. It didn't translate into a class project, but it was a good exercise to learn the process and equipment. The trailer runs about a minute.

A couple of notes. This trailer was part of my original project that summer. Lucky me, I simply added the titles at the end for today's post. The whole thing was recorded over a VHS copy of The Third Man, one of my favorite movies. That doesn't make sense does it? Why record over one of my film faves? VHS tapes were like gold back in 1986! Right. Apologies to Orson Welles, Anton Karas, and Carol Reed. I'll post more of the Derby video later. Right.

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