Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Return to Geekdom

My friend Tony and I ate lunch at the Touch of Asia Indian buffet today. I'm not sure why they call it Touch of Asia, since it's more like Touch of India, but what do I know, I'm a dumb white guy from Kansas. I think the owner is from the Middle East, rather than India or Asia, but it's his joint and he can call it whatever the hell he wants to as long as he keeps puttin' on the grub. Very crowded today but the Korma was fantastic. The restaurant is in the Metcalf 103 shopping center, right next to the cigar store. They sell empty cigar boxes for cheap. Today's post lunch objective was the gaming store around the corner.

It was the first time I visited and they had a lot of cool games in there and a shiteload of miniatures. I'm not a tabletop D&D guy, but if I were, this would be gaming HQ. In fact if I were single and not seeing anybody, I could eat at the buffet, buy some cigars, and pickup some tabletop game gear. I could get an apartment near by and Hooters is across the street. Wait a minute, I got carried away there.

The game store also had a ton of stuff for Warhammer, a franchise I was not hip to, but know now that they are a major player in the miniature D&D style table-top geeky game world. Nice store. I didn't buy anything, but its good to know what they have in case my wife runs off with the milkman.

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