Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catch Up

We celebrated my son's ninth birthday last Friday. Mom delivered breakfast in bed. He spilled his milk but we cut him some slack since this was his first breakfast in bed morning. He went to school and we surprised him at lunch with a meal catered from the golden arches. That night we jumped in the minivan and drove across town to see the Royals play the Blue Jays. It was the coldest Royals game I've ever seen in person with a game time temp around 39 degrees with a strong wind. The Royals blew the lead in the 8th and I wanted to give up, but the gang talked me into staying. They scored six runs in the bottom of the 8th and won the game. The boy also got his birthday mug plastered on the HD jumbotron during a pitching change. We went home happy.

The next day the fun continued with the official birthday party and present opening. His favorite gift was an Ipod nano from my cousin Anne. We staged the party at a nearby kids pizza and video game emporium and my parents stopped by to witness the mayhem.

Sunday my sinuses went on strike and I've been coping with a cold or allergies or both ever since. My energy level is low, low, low, and so to bed.

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