Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No More Crossing

Here are Pictures of the Crossing / Yello Sub demolition, from the Lawrence Journal World web site. This photo, from Google Earth, shows the scene as it existed in August 2007. In case you're not familiar, that's The Crossing bar, front and center, located at a busy cross street atop Mt. Oread for campus foot traffic at 12th and Oread Avenue. There was a little shop down the alley there, called Rudy's Pizza for a time, and to the left was one of the locations of the Yello Sub sandwich shop, arguably their most successful, after they moved off of 23rd street in the mid 1980s, (though they did return with a second location on 23rd street later that same decade). The Glass Onion, a coffee house, opened in the 2nd floor space above the Yello Sub, circa 1986. The best thing about The Crossing was the location and the beer porch. The combination made for great people watching on Friday afternoons. The two most popular freshman girls' dorms, G.S.P. and Corbin, were a block down around the corner, and the cuties passed by to and from their campus destinations. My last beer at The Crossing was January 29th, 2005, as detailed here.

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