Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feelin' Good About The Feelies

Sasha Frere-Jones buries the lead in this excellent blog installment from The New Yorker. He wrote about how tough it is to be famous when you're in a rock outfit, switches gears to mention the New Trier gal who once had street cred, lost it, and is trying to get it back, Liz Phair, and ends up writing about the best news of all about The Feelies! Go read it and get excited, then come back.

And you're back. It turns out the idea to re-release the Feelies' "Crazy Rhythms" album wasn't sanctioned by the band, but keep your fingers crossed. Bar/None Records is working on a sanctioned re-issue, perhaps later this year, according to the comments in Jones' blog.

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