Tuesday, August 05, 2008

England - August 5th, 1983

We spent the day in the Lake District on our way to Kendall. This was also about the only time we jumped on the English Interstate - Britain's M6 motorway. This allowed us to shoot North from Chester, bypass Liverpool and its industrial trappings, and cruise to Lake Windermere.

Marc and I rented a two-man motor boat and spent the day in the sun. It was hot and I stripped down to my underwear for a cool swim. A barge full of tourists floated past and I waved. I'm not sure what I did with my underwear after I got back in the boat. I may have wrung them out before I put my jeans back on or perhaps I went commando and discarded the ersatz swim trunks. Either way it was worth it - hottest summer in 400 years, they said.

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