Friday, August 08, 2008

England Trip - August 8th, 1983

The itinerary stated that we hung out an extra day in York (Gordon's regular day off perhaps) and we took a day trip to Beverly Minster near town. That's another outstanding cathedral that I have no memory of visiting and no pictures either. I turned into the ugly American, or perhaps less harshly, the American who remembered British pub culture more than British culture.

This might be a good time to bust out some contact prints that I discovered this evening in the basement. Its from the first roll I shot during our initial stay in London and I want to take you through each photo. Imagine you visited me at my house and I broke out the slide projector. Click on the image to enlarge.
  • Top Row: Melissa gets cozy with a Beefeater.
  • My lame attempt to secretly capture the image of what I thought was a punk rocker.
  • A man with a monkey entertains Austrian tourists.
  • Coolest shot of my trip: I happened upon a street musician, a black man who sang and played guitar, performing in the tube station, underground, in front of an official London Underground notice that stated street musicians were expressly forbidden. Cool, right? I got him in the shot with the sign, but my freakin' flash failed me and I ended up with a no-go on the print. You'll have to take my word for it. F-stop me runnin'.
  • Bottom Row: 10 Downing street (sideways)
  • Bobbies at the end of 10 Downing street that keep people away from the actual 10 Downing street entrance, terrorist threat and all that. Bad business with the IRA in those days.
  • Marc chats with the smoking man on the front porch of the Onslow Court hotel in Kensington. Do you see his Camel no-filters on the table there?
  • I think the last shot is of the tower of London complex as seen from a bridge.

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