Monday, January 21, 2008

Bowling Tonight - We Won

We swept all four games from our opponent tonight at the Mission Bowl bowling league. It wasn't a blowout or anything. We were slightly better than the competition. Jeff bowled a 526 series (177,180,169). Brent bowled a 527 series (154, 179,194) and yours truly bowled a 461 series (157,170,134). It's a handicapped league and that means as long as you bowl over your average, you help your team win. Kurt had a 157 and Tyler added a 189 for high marks. Not even a lane breakdown stopped our Juggernaut tonight.

The guys agreed KU would have named a building after Roy Williams if he stayed at KU. Kurt suggested a new field house in his honor. That's crazy talk, but I imagined them ripping up the current hardwood, putting in an aquarium with sharks and laying down a clear Lucite floor. Tyler added some fun trap doors. If you miss a free throw late in the game, down you go! Give Norm Stewart the controls. That's great television. For overtime, open the floor up and play it water-polo style. Great ideas? We have them at bowling.

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