Saturday, January 05, 2008

G. Wiz

I promised I'd post 365 entries this year and I'm proud to embed this video from Rob the Kansas City musician as part of the effort. This video is worth it even if I wasn't going for 365.

Rob tickled the ivories for Ida Macbeth for several years. That's the only part of his bio I know about, plus we spent time together keepin' websites together back in 1997. Rob's a renaissance man with many projects and one thing I'm pleased to see are the various video recordings of some of his work and skillful playing. I'm going to embed this here, but if you're curious, swing on over to the youtube site and read the back story on this particular recording. Enjoy!


Traci Bunkers said...

Hi Fowler, You have set yourself a pretty high goal . . . 365? Good luck! May the force be with you.

Fowler Jones said...

Thanks Tracy!