Thursday, January 03, 2008

Nocturnal Banzai

Talk about basement tapes. It's the band And/Or with "Neighbors" - a local group that shot a local video and aired it locally. Thanks to Jason Willis for sharing this link with me, and for saving the tape for so many years. I've been waiting for some stalwart soul to unearth a bit from Lawrence's answer to MTV, TV-30. It features many Lawrence locales including shots of the Daisy Hill dorms, Johnny's bar, and the abandoned frat house on 9th street. Look closely for a cameo by the Olde Hip-eye, Matthew Moore, as the angry biker playing pool. Also, the clip ends with a glimpse of Mike Chitwood's Nocturnal Banzai - his segment on the all video channel.


P said...

Those dudes were partiers!

Bassman said...

I have vague memories of Nocturnal Banzai. It was indeed Mike Chitwood (went by the name Joey Chitwood if I am not mistaken?) and Rob Leicher as well?? Perhaps I am wrong about Rob being on the show and maybe he was only a contributor???

Fowler Jones said...

I think Joey Chitwood was a stunt car driver. Rob Leichter and Mike worked together on the KJHK "What's Your Problem" show that aired Friday afternoons in the fall of '84. Rob sometimes went by the air name of "Chuck Wooly"