Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Punk Rock 8-Tracks

A colleague at KJHK, Pete Laufer, decided to shoot a music video in the summer of 1986. He chose I Hate Music by The Replacements and recruited me to be the 2nd cameraman since I owned a camcorder. The subject of the video, to be shot outdoors on a hot Kansas summer day, was the destruction of a large collection of records, tapes, and 8-tracks. Details are sketchy and like many film and video projects, this one never got edited down and released. But we had fun that day working together on Pete's project, and I'll bet we played I Hate Music 150 times. The fun ended when I arrived home. I failed to drink enough water. My legs buckled, my stomach turned, and I felt hot flashes all over like that episode of All In The Family where Edith Bunker went through menopause. My mother the nurse diagnosed me over the phone with heat exhaustion.

Several local music fans participated in the shoot, including Shirley, who ran Exile records and tapes in downtown Lawrence. Jason Willis, who acted in the unfinished production, sent me this picture of a prop we used. As Jason recalled, Pete took regular 8-tracks and put homemade labels on them. Rather ingenious, don't you think? Perhaps some day he will finish his homage to Paul and the boys. In the meantime, enjoy this collection of links to images of real punk 8-tracks.

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