Friday, February 15, 2008

Eric Melin on WWTBAM

Lawrence film critic Eric Melin appears on the daytime version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on Monday and Tuesday. Check out John Niccum's article and I'm not touting it because I'm quoted in it, though I don't get quoted very often. Read the article first and then come back for my comments.

Okay, you're back. The quotes are accurate but I want to add that Millionaire fever swept the nation around the time that I first attempted to get on the program via the open phone lines in the fall of 1999. I didn't succeed and actually appear on TV until almost 15 months later in December 2000. ABC ran the show four nights a week then. I think they had a fever. Anyway, I don't want to suggest that I appeared at the very moment the Regis zeitgeist peaked.

I also don't want to disparage my fellow contestants. While I did think the previous contestant's decision to walk with 8k was well, um, schmucky, he himself was not a schmuck. He was a gentleman and a class act. He told me his boss wasn't keen on him leaving the office for more than a day. If he had stayed, the show would have ended, the next tape date was the following morning, and he very well could have put himself in a perilous position at work that way. Perhaps that weighed on his mind. More importantly, if he hadn't quit when he did, I wouldn't have made it to the hot seat at all. So I owe a lot to Mr. S. of New Jersey.

I almost walked at 8k when I arrived at that same spot in the game with no lifelines left, such are the Jedi mind games, the doubt, and the pressure. Easy to say schmuck before the chair, not so easy while in the chair.

Melin must do okay, the article sidebar mentioned a Tuesday watch party and you don't throw one of those if you walk with 8k. Good luck Eric.

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