Friday, February 29, 2008

Almost Leap Day 1988

It was a warm day in Lawrence, Kansas on February 26th, 1988. The title card says February 29th and I based that on the in-camera date stamp, but that was a Monday and it was definitely a Friday here. In a part of the tape I did not include in this edit, I passed by Bullwinkle's (a bar) and the place was packed, a common occurrence on Friday in college town, but not on Monday afternoon, not even on Leap Day. Plus nobody I interviewed on camera mentioned Leap Day. That's the official Leap Day disclaimer, now on with the party.

My friends Dave and Rob threw an impromptu gathering at their apartment at 11th and Tennessee in honor of the weather. Dan correctly predicted that the Jayhawks will win the Basketball National Championship. He received a vision from his medallion. Kurt M. stopped by with a pack of smokes and did his best Marilyn Monroe. Kiki and Kevin cuddled with a python. Chris made sweet love to the camera. Rob checked out the 1988 Winter Olympics and Katherina Witt did a jump in time with AC/DC. I can't believe it's been 20 years (give or take three days).


Hot Karl said...

Tell that guy to keep his F-ing hands off my Girlfriend!!!!!

Karl (Current Boyfriend of the Red Head)

mike said...

I used to live in that very same apartment!

I went to high school with Kiki!

Rob Loud said...

Wow. Great times with great friends. 20 years? It just doesn't seem possible...

Thanks again for preserving our collective history, Fowler!


Fowler Jones said...

I've got more video of that apartment. Coming Soon!