Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Your 2nd Double Life

How do you know if you're leading a double life? A wise friend once said it requires a separate wardrobe. This is true for Superman and Ku Klux Klansmen. It's nice to know that I don't fit that criteria. I have one shabby wardrobe. I keep all my clothes together, except for my suits. Those hang in a different closet. Okay, this just in: special exemption for suits. There's no need to get carried away with this double life thing over a suitcoat, slacks, and tuxedos too. I don't own a tux, but I got married in one and I'm still holding up my end of that deal. These outfits are for special occasions that don't involve running faster than a speeding bullet or burning a cross.

Such rules don't apply in the virtual world. Did you hear about the married man who created a Second Life avatar, married a virtual woman, bought virtual land, and had virtual sex, all without changing out of his sweatpants? The joke's on him though, the "woman" he married turned out to be teamster from New Jersey. Perhaps they will arrange a real world meeting at a turnpike rest stop. Not the kind with a Burger King and a gift shop. Too busy. I'm talking about the other kind with a tiny cinderblock restroom and guys in sweatpants lurking and looking for love.

If you're thinking of leading a double life, ask youself, can you afford the sweatpants? Thanks and drive safely.

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