Sunday, February 03, 2008

KJHK Studios 1986

My first YouTube experiment. Its home movie footage shot on Memorial Day, 1986 in Lawrence, KS. My buddy Alex and I took the camcorder out for random captures and stopped by the shack. The air studio was downstairs in those days. Watch Tom cue a vinyl record. Ooh! See the fabulous manual typewriters used by the news staff. Marvel at the jump cuts and vain attempts to keep the frame focused. Note: I saw The Third Man in film class that year so I was big on Dutch tilt, hence the references to it being a "crooked place". Yes, always call attention to your camera techniques. A real splice of life, all 1:51.


Farris Thorne said...

I'd completely forgotten about that spiral staircase. But man, I do remember those typewriters... ft

Anonymous said...

Solid work here too even if a bit scattered. You must have improved your "concept" by the time you did the fridge video.

Reminds me of time I spent in at a station about 3 hours east of Lawrence in fact at a similar place with call letters.