Saturday, February 02, 2008

We Like the Bronze

Last night was Pinewood Derby night for our cub scout pack and the boy and I took our project up there to see how she run. She run good. Skyler placed 3rd overall and moved on to Pinewood regionals. Holy crap. How did that happen? I'm the son of a psychologist. His tools were Rorschach inkblots. What's our secret? You have to get the wheels level and straight and you have to make sure the axles are smooth. No mill marks. And the weight. You gotta max out the weight at 5 oz. All common pinewood knowledge. And that's it. We have some smooth axles. The wheels spins forever. That's our secret: good axles. Skyler claimed a trophy for 3rd place in his age group, and one for 3rd place overall. (The top three finishers were all 3rd graders) But if you ask him he'll tell you: He doesn't race for trophies. He races for the adrenaline rush or perhaps it was the sugar rush from the Sprite he drank. Either way he was excited and when you have a lad, its fun to see him so happy.

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